100% Guaranteed Work & Price Estimate
We are known as the most reliable and service oriented tractor service in the High Desert.  We have built our reputation and business by making it an easy decision for customers like you to do buisnes with us.

We offer a 100% guarantee on our work and if you aren't satisfied we will come back until you are. We offer free on-site estimates that are guaranteed and will not change within 30 days. We return phone calls and show up to the job on time and finish quickly.

We offer a wide range of services from land grading, debris and brush removal, lot clearing and hauling and other tractor related work. Please visit our services page for more detail.

Received A Code Violation or Need To Pass Inspection?
We specialize in properties that received code violations or need to pass inspection.

We keep up to date with the newest codes and ordinances to ensure you pass your inspection the first time and avoid unnecessary costs in getting the job done twice! Many times we save customers money or frustration in getting improper work done to pass an inspection.

Own A Property Out Of The Area?
Many of our cusotmers own properties out of the area that need land grading, weed removal or other services. Upon request we can take before and after pictures of your property in all approprite angles and send them to you via email. Our customers with investment property love this because they don't have to come to the property.


Owner: Brian Oberg (760) 486-1533
Email: brian@fasttractractor.com